Electronic Visit Verification

Starting January 1, 2023, AHCCCS is required by federal law to implement an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for non-skilled in-home services (including, but not limited to, attendant care, personal care, homemaker, habilitation, respite) by and for in-home skilled nursing services (home health) .  

AHCCCS will implement EVV for both personal care and home health services simultaneously by January 1, 2023, in response to stakeholder engagement. This means that providers who deliver these services to AHCCCS members must use EVV by January 1, 2023 to help ensure, track and monitor timely service delivery and access to care for members.  

To see the list of providers and services that will be required to use EVV visit the AHCCCS website, at www.azahcccs.gov/EVV under the “Information for Providers and MCOs” tab. 

The EVV vendor AHCCCS has chosen for this initiative is Sandata Technologies. Providers will be able to continue to use existing EVV systems or choose an alternate EVV vendor that has been approved by AHCCCS to meet general and Arizona specific requirements for EVV. 

To learn more, including EVV requirements for providers and frequently asked questions, visit www.azahcccs.gov/AHCCCS/Initiatives/EVV/