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Health information exchange

Imagine more complete data. New labs and records only a few clicks away. Real-time alerts on hospital admissions and discharges for your high-needs patients. Better coordination of patient care with secure electronic messages, notes and records. These benefits explain why we’re partnering with Arizona’s health information exchange (HIE).

Benefits with no fees


  • Time and resources: One connection saves time and resources connecting to other providers, hospitals and labs with real-time data transfer.
  • New patient information: See current information and historical medical records. You can also query and download this information to the electronic health record (EHR).
  • Timely information to coordinate care: You can “subscribe” to a list of high-need patients and track them closely. Get real-time notice of up to 90% of hospital admissions, discharges and transfers (ADTs), as well as lab results and transcribed reports.
  • Secure communication: Get easy and secure exchange of patient information between providers, care team members and health care facilities with the DirectTrust-certified, HIPAA-compliant secure email system. 

HIE services

HIE services

When you take part in the HIE, you get access to:

  • Alerts: Notifications sent to you based on a patient panel — a practice- or payer-provided list of patients you’d like to track. Alerts can be real-time or a daily/weekly summary. They include:

    • Inpatient ADT alerts
    • Emergency department (ED) visit alerts 
    • Ambulatory alerts (registration of a patient/member at an ambulatory facility or practice)
    • Clinical and lab test result alerts   
    • Patient Centered Data Home™ (PCDH) alerts (ideal when treating patients who travel to other states)
  • Direct email: Secure email accounts give registered users the ability to exchange patient-protected health information with other DirectTrust-certified email accounts. You can use direct email to receive alerts.
  • Portal: Secure web-based access allows you to see detailed patient data through an online portal.
  • Data exchange: Electronic interfaces between patient-tracking systems and the HIE. Data exchange services include unidirectional and bidirectional exchanges.
  • Clinical summary: A comprehensive Continuity of Care Document (CCD) with up to 90 days of the patient’s most recent clinical and encounter information. Summaries include:

    • Automated clinical summary
    • Query and response clinical summary 
    • PCDH clinical summary

You can learn more about HIE.


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