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Find A Provider You can search for a provider or pharmacy on this page. You can search using provider or facility name, city, county, Zip code or provider’s specialty.

The pharmacies in our network are changing as of February 3.

You must use a pharmacy that’s in our network. To find a pharmacy in our network, visit “Find a pharmacy” below.

Please be aware that Walgreens pharmacies will still show in the directory until February 2. However you should transfer (move) your current prescriptions to a new network pharmacy other than Walgreens.

Need help navigating the provider directory? Click for a step-by-step guide. ENG | SPAN

Use our pharmacy search tool to find a network pharmacy near you.

You should also ask your doctor about e-Prescribing. Many doctors can now electronically send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. This can help save you time and an extra trip. Ask your doctor if e‑Prescribing is an option for you.

Pharmacy search tool to find a network pharmacy

Use our dental provider search tool to find a network dentist near you.

Dental provider search tool

Last Updated: 1/3/2020