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Language services

We’re committed to providing quality translation and interpretation services to our members. We meet translation needs through our website and plan materials. We meet interpretation needs through scheduled interpretation, on-demand interpretation and qualified bilingual staff.


Members can access Spanish and Arabic translations from any page on the member website. 

Translation is taking the written word in one language and writing it into another language. Needing a document or marketing piece in another language is a translation request.

Members can also access member handbooks in various languages. On our materials and forms page under each plan, they can find guides, brochures and flyers in other languages.


Members have access to over 200 languages and dialects. 

Interpretation is listening to the spoken word and speaking or signing it in another language. Needing a person to communicate in another language is an interpretation request. In-person, over the phone or video interpretation is available.

Members can request a specific gender for their interpreter, but not a specific person. To ensure timely and efficient services, interpreters for member appointments are scheduled at the time of the request. Find the roles and responsibilities of the interpreter in the provider manual

Scheduled interpretation services

Contact us and choose the option to schedule interpretation services. We can schedule these services up to 30 days in advance.

You can no longer schedule requests with interpretation vendors directly. If you do, we won’t be able to pay for those services. Telehealth appointments require a scheduled request for video interpretation services. 

On-demand interpretation services

You can connect with an interpreter for spoken languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone. You can connect with an interpreter for American Sign Language (ASL) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by video remote interpretation.    

Language Line’s phone interpreting solution is easy to use on any phone, connecting you to an interpreter within seconds. You can:

  • Provide four-digit PIN code — see below for details 

  • Connect with an interpreter within seconds

If needed, interpreters can dial an outbound call to connect the provider to the member with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Refer to the Language Line Solutions Quick Reference Guide (PDF). Four-digit PIN codes include: 

  • Clinical – 1203: Mercy Care ACC-RBHA, Long Term Care, Developmental Disabilities, DCS CHP and Mercy Care Advantage
  • Non-Clinical – 1204: Mercy Care ACC-RBHA, Long Term Care, Developmental Disabilities, DCS CHP and Mercy Care Advantage 
  • Clinical – 2076: Mercy Care ACC-RBHA with SMI
  • Non-Clinical – 1205: Mercy Care ACC-RBHA with SMI

On-demand video remote interpreting uses an app or the web to connect an interpreter service with a tablet, desktop computer or mobile device. The service is for provider devices only. It requires prior setup. Email our Cultural Competency Office for help or to learn more. 

Telehealth appointments cannot use on-demand video services. They require a scheduled request for video interpretation services.


Interpretation staff and vendors

Interpretation staff and vendors

Qualified bilingual staff

These are provider staff who deliver a covered service in a language other than English. To qualify, the staff member meets a minimum proficiency score on the ALTA Language Services Language Test of 9 or better.  

Our interpretation vendors 

Our interpretation vendors adhere to standards of practice for interpreters in health care: 

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care (PDF)

National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care (PDF)

NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct (PDF)


Check your provider manual for answers. You can also email or call us.