Get Involved

Recovery comes from learning, support, hard work and hope.

Mercy Care is here to offer you that hope and support, help you learn ways you can get involved in your recovery, improve your health and wellness and create life goals.

Whether you’re a member, peer, advocate, family member, behavioral or physical health provider, neighbor or friend, we need your input to help improve mental health in Maricopa County. There are many ways you can get involved.

Play an active role in your recovery

You are the most important part of your recovery. We are here to help you learn and get information about your mental health. Find out as much as you can about mental health and information about your diagnosed mental health concern.

Get involved in your treatment. This is called shared-decision making. It means you, your family of choice and your behavioral health and physical health providers make treatment decisions together.

Mercy Care needs involvement from you and your family as we work to make the system better.