Language services

Mercy Care is committed to providing quality interpretation services to our members. In order to ensure timely and efficient services, interpreters will be scheduled for member appointments at the time of the request. Members may request a specific gender for their interpreter, but will not be able to request a specific interpreter. This process will ensure that all Mercy Care members will have access to interpretation services in a timely and efficient manner for appropriate service appointments.

Mercy Care provides access to over 200 languages and dialects. Our language services address interpretation needs through scheduled interpretation, on-demand interpretation and qualified bilingual staff.

Scheduled services

Providers can pre-schedule interpretation services for appointments.

Starting February 1, 2022 Mercy Care providers must contact Mercy Care Member Services directly for interpretation service scheduling requests. Providers will no longer schedule requests with interpretation vendors directly. Interpretation services delivered outside of this new scheduling process cannot be paid by Mercy Care. Appointments currently scheduled beyond February 2022 will need to be rescheduled with Mercy Care Member Services. On-demand services through Language Line will remain the same.

Call the Mercy Care Member Services numbers below to schedule interpretation services. Use the phone tree prompt for interpretation services. Note that Member Services cannot schedule interpretation appointments beyond 30 days advance notice.

On-Demand services

Providers can connect immediately with an interpreter for spoken languages and ASL 24/7/365 over the phone or video remote interpretation.          

Over-the-phone spoken languages

Language Line’s phone interpreting solution is easy to use on any phone, connecting you to an interpreter within seconds, 24/7/365. 

  • Dial the provided toll-free telephone number from any phone.
  • Provide basic account information and identify the language.
  • Connect to an interpreter within seconds. 
  • Interpreters can dial an outbound call to connect your LEP client, if needed.

Refer to the Language Line Solutions Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for call-in detail. 4-Digit PIN Codes are as follows: 

  • Complete Care, Long Term Care, DD and Mercy Care Advantage - Clinical - 1203
  • Complete Care, Long Term Care, DD and Mercy Care Advantage - Non-Clinical - 1204
  • ACC-RBHA - Clinical - 2076
  • ACC-RBHA - Non-Clinical - 1205

Video remote for American Sign Language (ASL)

On-demand video remote interpreting is an application that connects to an interpreter service using a tablet, desktop computer or mobile device. The application is for provider devices only. This feature requires prior setup. Please contact Mercy Care Cultural Competency Office for more information,

Qualified bilingual staff

Qualified bilingual staff are provider staff who deliver a covered service in another language other than English. In order to qualify as qualified bilingual staff, the staff member is required to test and meet a minimum proficiency score on the ALTA Language Test of 9 or better.  

Contact your network management representative with any questions or comments.


Mercy Care vendors adhere to the following standards of practice for interpreters in health care.