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Provider manual

Your provider manual includes contact information and processes to help you care for our members. 

Mercy Care Medicaid plans

We’ve divided the manual into chapters with general terms for all Medicaid plans and plan-specific terms for each plan. This should make it easier to find what you need: 

Chapter 100 - Mercy Care Provider Manual - General Terms (PDF)

Chapter 200 - Mercy Care ACC-RBHA/Developmental Disabilities/DCS CHP - Plan Specific Terms (PDF)

Chapter 300 - Mercy Care Long Term Care - Plan Specific Terms (PDF)

Chapter 400 - Mercy Care ACC-RBHA with SMI - Plan Specific Terms (PDF)


Mercy Care Advantage (HMO SNP)

Mercy Care Advantage Provider Manual (PDF)


Need help? 

Following processes in the provider manual is part of your contractual obligation as a network provider. But we can help if you have questions about caring for our members. Just contact us based on the plan.


Just contact us for help with your provider manual.