Health Information Exchange

Imagine more complete data . . .

  • New patient labs and records only a few clicks away
  • Real-time alerts when your high-needs patients are admitted or discharged from the hospital
  • Better coordination of patient care teams through secure electronic sharing of messages, notes and records

Sound good? That’s Why Mercy Care is partnering with Arizona’s Health Information Exchange

Mercy Care is partnering with Arizona’s statewide health information exchange (HIE). There are no participation fees and participation includes these key benefits:

  • One connection to save time and resources
    Making connections to other providers, hospitals, reference labs and health plans takes time and valuable resources from your practice. One connection saves time and allows real-time transfer of data from hospital encounters, reference lab results and other community provider encounters.
  • New patient information
    Connection to the HIE provides the ability to view current information and historical medical records in the HIE. Additionally, this information can be queried and downloaded to the electronic health record (EHR) of your practice.
  • Timely information to coordinate care
    Clinicians who participate in the statewide HIE can “subscribe” to a list of their high-need patients that they need to track closely. With information on more than 90% of hospital admissions, discharges and transfers (ADTs), the HIE can send a real-time notice of ADTS as well as lab results and transcribed reports.
  • Secure communication
    The use of the HIE’s DirectTrust-certified, HIPAA-compliant secure email system facilitates the easy and secure exchange of patient information between providers, care team members and healthcare facilities.

The following are the services available through the HIE:

  • Alert
    Notifications sent to designated clinicians or individuals based upon a patient panel. A patient panel is a practice or payer provided list of patients/members they wish to track. Alerts can be real-time or a daily/weekly summary. Alerts include:
    • Inpatient admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) Alerts
    • Emergency Department (ED) visit Alerts
    • Ambulatory Alerts – alerts your organization that a specific patient/member has been registered at an ambulatory facility or practice.
    • Clinical / Laboratory Test Result Alerts           
    • Patient Centered Data Home TM (PCDH) Alerts – ideal when treating patients who travel to other states.
  • Direct Email
    Secure email accounts that provide the means for registered users to exchange patient protected health information with other DirectTrust-certified email accounts. Direct Email is often used to receive Alerts.
  • Portal
    Secure web-based access that allows detailed patient data to be viewed through an online portal.
  • Data Exchange
    Electronic interfaces between patient tracking systems and the HIE. Data exchange services include:
    • Unidirectional Exchange
    • Bidirectional Exchange
  • Clinical Summary
    A comprehensive Continuity of Care Document (CCD) containing up to 90 days of the patient’s most recent clinical and encounter information. Clinical Summaries include:
    • Automated Clinical Summary             
    • Query/ Response Clinical Summary 
    • Patient Centered Data Home Clinical Summary

Click here for more information on the HIE Services.