Mail order pharmacy services
Your patients don't have to leave their homes to get their medications. They can get their medications mailed to them. Or, if they prefer, they can get the medications mailed to their provider's office. They can start the mail-order process by completing a mail-order request form or signing up online.

By mail
They can call Mercy Care Member Services at 602-212-4983 or 1-833-711-0776 (TTY/TDD 711) to request a mail-order form. Or, download a mail-order service form here: English | Spanish

They can also register for mail order with CVS Caremark at Once they've registered, they can order refills, renew prescriptions and check their orders.


Learn more about member drug benefits, view formularies and formulary updates. Help your patients get the prescription drugs they need in an easy and cost effective way.

You now have the ability to use the new Formulary Search Tool to find out which medications are on the formulary drug lists. You can search by drug name or drug class. The search tool will show formulary status, generic alternatives and if there are any requirements, such as prior authorization, quantity limits or age limits. The formularies can change.

Download the Mercy Care Formulary

July 2021


  • None


  • BP Foam Aer 9.8%

Other Updates:

  • None


June 2021


  • Renflexis 100 Mg Vial (Prior Authorization Required)


  • Tretinoin Cream 0.025%
  • Tretinoin Cream 0.05%
  • Tretinoin Cream 0.1%
  • Tretinoin Gel 0.01%
  • Tretinoin Gel 0.025%

Other Updates:

  • Sumatriptan Succinate Inj 6 Mg/0.5ml (Quantity Level Limit)
  • Sumatriptan Succinate Solution Auto-Injector 4 Mg/0.5ml (Quantity Level Limit)
  • Sumatriptan Succinate Solution Auto-Injector 6 Mg/0.5ml (Quantity Level Limit)
  • Sumatriptan Succinate Solution Cartridge 4 Mg/0.5ml (Quantity Level Limit)
  • Sumatriptan Succinate Solution Cartridge 6 Mg/0.5ml (Quantity Level Limit)


May 2021


  • None


  • None

Other Updates:

  • None


Some prescriptions require prior authorization from Mercy Care before they can be filled. Requests for medications requiring Prior Authorization (PA) will be reviewed based on the PA Guidelines/Criteria for that medication.

Medications that do not have a specific PA guideline will follow the Non-Formulary Medication Guideline. Additional information may be required on a case-by-case basis to allow for adequate review.

Mercy Care requires prior authorization for certain drugs on the Preferred Drug List and for all non-formulary drug requests.

You may now request prior authorization by calling  602-212-4983 or 1-833-711-0776 (TTY/TDD 711), or you may print the required prior authorization form below and fax it along with supporting clinical notes to 1-800-854-7614.

If the drug you are requesting is not listed, please use the Non-Formulary PA request form. Most drugs will require use of the Non-Formulary PA form. If you would like a prior authorization request form faxed to you, please contact the Mercy Care Pharmacy Prior Authorization team at  602-212-4983 or 1-833-711-0776 (TTY/TDD 711).

These are fax forms for drugs in our prior authorization program. Select the drug name to download the prior authorization request form.

We are committed to making sure our providers receive the best possible information, and the latest technology and tools available.

We have partnered with CoverMyMeds® and SureScripts to provide you a new way to request a pharmacy prior authorization through the implementation of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) program.

With Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), you can look forward to:

  • Time saving
    • Decreasing paperwork, phone calls and faxes for requests for prior authorization
  • Quicker Determinations
    • Reduces average wait times, resolution often within minutes
  • Accommodating & Secure
    • HIPAA compliant via electronically submitted requests Getting started is easy. Choose ways to enroll:
    • No cost required! Let us help get you started!

Billing Information:

BIN: 610591


Group: RX8805

How to order specialty drugs for patients CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy offers medications that are not often available at local pharmacies for a variety of conditions, such as cancer, hemophilia, immune deficiency, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Specialty medications require prior authorization before they can be filled and delivered. These medications can be delivered to the provider’s office, member’s home or other location as requested.

For providers who prefer to purchase the specialty drug and bill through the member’s Medical Insurance:

  • Call  602-212-4983 or 1-833-711-0776 (TTY/TDD 711) to initiate prior authorization for the requested specialty medication. 

 For providers who prefer to bill through the member’s Pharmacy Insurance directly: 

Complete the applicable Pharmacy Prior Authorization form and fax it to 1-800-854-7614.

Click here for the Specialty Drug List

CVS/Coram pharmacy enrollment form

You work with patients every day, and there may be times when you believe we should add a drug to the formulary. If you want to ask for a change to Mercy Care’s Preferred Drug List (PDL), include the following information in your request:

  • Basic product information
  • Indications for use
  • Therapeutic advantage
  • Which drug(s) it would replace in the current PDL
  • Any supporting literature from medical journals

The requesting physician may be invited to attend the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee meeting to support the PDL addition request and answer questions.

Requests should be sent to: Aetna Corporate Pharmacy Director 4500 E. Cotton Center Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85040

The Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program (CSPMP) is a program developed to promote public health and welfare by detecting diversion, abuse, and misuse of prescription medications classified as controlled substances.  Every physician who possesses DEA registration is required to also possess a CSPMP registration.

  • Step 1: Register
    • Register for CSPMP.  Click on ‘Register now’ and fill out the ‘New Registration’ information.
  • Step 2: Verify
    • After you submit the registration form, you will receive a verification email with your CSPMP ID number and verification code.
    • Follow the email link to verify your email address.
  • Step 3: Login
    • Once you login, you will then be able to complete your registration profile with your CSPMP ID and DEA number.

Fill out the ‘Registration Details’ and certify that the application is complete and accurate, then ‘Print Certificate’.