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Fraud, waste and abuse

We take fraud, waste and abuse seriously. Fraud is an intentional crime of gaining money or financial benefit by deception or lying. Waste is overuse of health care services in a careless manner. Abuse is payment for unneeded or unnecessary services. Preventing fraud, waste and abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

Report fraud, waste and abuse

Call the Mercy Care Fraud Hotline at 1-800-810-6544. Or fill out the online form on this page. Complete as much info as you can. If you provide your contact info, we’ll keep your identity private.

You can also report fraud, waste and abuse to Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Office of Inspector General (AHCCCS-OIG):

I want to report fraud, waste or abuse

Tell us about fraud, waste or abuse you suspect. You’ll want to fill in all fields with an asterisk (*).

Tell us why you suspect this person, company or facility of wrongdoing. For example, what they did, when it happened and anything else you need us to know. 

Your info (optional)

You don’t need to give us your name or contact info. But if you choose to, we’ll keep it private. You can also choose to give us just your contact info and not your name.  

We’ll only review the info that you choose to report. You’ll want to give us as much info as you can. That way, we can understand what happened.