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More benefits

You deserve to be as healthy as you can be. That’s why we’ve added benefits that go beyond your medical needs. It’s a range of services to help you on your health journey.


Just call us at ${MS_phone_1} or ${MS_phone_2} (TTY 711). We’re here for you ${member_services_hours}.

Benefits you can use

Check out these added benefits of your Mercy Care plan.

Can’t find a ride to your health visit? You can call to get a ride at no cost, to or from the closest network provider. 

These are medically necessary nonemergency transportation (NEMT) services. You plan for these rides, so they aren’t for emergencies.  

If you live in Maricopa or Pima County:

  • The provider has to be within 15 miles of your pickup (one way).

  • We only cover rides to and from a pharmacy for trips within 15 miles of the pickup, except for trips to compounding or specialty pharmacies.

  • You can get a ride to a compounding or specialty pharmacy over 15 miles away if your health plan gives prior authorization (PA) for the ride. This means approval in advance.

The 15-mile distance limit only applies if you live in Maricopa or Pima County.

Plan ahead

Ask a friend, family member or neighbor if you need a ride to an appointment. If you can’t get a ride, we can help.

Behavioral health visits

You can get a ride to and from covered, nonemergency behavioral health services. Like a medication appointment or counseling session. You’ll need to ask your provider to request a ride for you. 

Physical health (medical visits)

We can help you set up a ride to and from your medical visits when:

  • You have a serious mental illness (SMI) designation 

  • The ride is to or from a covered medical visit through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Call us as soon as you make your medical appointment. We can set up a ride for you. Just call 1-800-564-5465 (TTY 711). Listen for the “Transportation” phone prompt.  

If your trip isn’t urgent, call at least three days before your appointment. If you call the same day, we may not be able to get you a ride unless it’s urgent. So you may have to change your appointment. 

You may also be able to get bus passes at no cost.

Rides during an emergency don’t need prior approval.  

If a life is in danger, always call 911.

Do you have trouble with speech? An AAC system gives you other ways to share your wants, needs and thoughts. Your primary care physician (PCP) can give you a referral for a speech language pathologist (SLP). You don’t need prior authorization (PA) from your plan to get an SLP assessment. PA means approval in advance.

Speech language pathologists

Advanced Therapy Solutions 
690 E Warner Rd #105 
Gilbert, AZ 85296 
Counties: Maricopa, Pinal, Gila, Yavapai, Cochise, Pima and Yuma 

District Medical Group CRS 
3141 N 3rd Ave, Suite 100 
Phoenix, AZ 85013 
Counties: Maricopa 

Northern Arizona University 
912 E. Riordan Ranch Rd., Bldg.27 A 
P.O. Box 5630 
Flagstaff, AZ 86011 

Therapy One 
108 W University Drive 
Mesa, AZ 85201 

UCP of Central Arizona 
1802 W. Parkside Lane 
Phoenix, AZ 85027 
Email UCP of Central Arizona

 Counties: Maricopa, in-clinic only but sites may vary 

Durable medical equipment (DME) vendor

2330 W. University Dr. Ste. 20 
Tempe AZ 85281 
Phone: 480-835-9100  
Fax: 480-835-9104

Learn more in the AAC device brochure:

AAC device brochure – English (PDF)

AAC device brochure – Español (PDF)

Dental services for members under age 21 

Each year (October 1 to September 30), we cover:

  • Two routine preventive dental visits 

  • Two cleanings/fluoride treatments 

Children and youth under age 21:

  • Must have visits to the dentist within six months and one day after the previous visit

  • Should have their first dental visit by age 1 or when the first tooth erupts

  • Don't need a referral for dental care  

  • Don’t have a copay or other charge for routine preventive dental care

Learn about dental homes

We assign all members under age 21 a dental home. You can choose or change it anytime. Your assigned dental home is an office or place you can:

  • Get all your dental services

  • Get regular, ongoing care here, not just when you have a problem 

  • Build trust between you and your dentist

  • Work with your dentist to best meet your dental health needs   

We can help you:

  • Find the name, address and phone number of your dental home 

  • Change your dental home provider or help you find a new dental home 

  • Help you schedule dental visits 

  • Arrange for a ride to or from your visit

Dental services for members age 21 or older

We don’t cover routine dental services for members age 21 years or older. Some service limits have exceptions. We may cover some services for members on a ventilator in an inpatient hospital setting:

  • Certain pre-transplant services

  • Removal of teeth to prepare for radiation treatment of jaw, neck or head cancer 

  • Cleanings

$1,000 emergency dental benefit for members age 21 or older

You have emergency benefits for dental care. This type of emergency is a severe problem in your mouth. You have severe pain or infection as a result of a condition or trauma. We cover these emergency services without prior authorization (PA). This means approval in advance.   

You have a $1,000 emergency dental benefit. Coverage includes:

  • Examining the mouth

  • Taking x-rays

  • Caring for fractures (bone breaks) of the jaw or mouth 

  • Giving anesthesia and pain medication or antibiotics

Check your member handbook to learn about low-fee dental services.

Find a dentist

We work with DentaQuest to provide your dental benefits. You can find a dentist online. Or call us at ${MS_phone_1} or ${MS_phone_2} (TTY 711).

Do you want to work? Not sure where to begin? Our expanded employment services can help anyone who wants to work. Ask your provider to connect you with employment services. Or call us at ${MS_phone_1} or ${MS_phone_2} (TTY 711). We’re here for you ${member_services_hours}.

What it means to work  
When people feel good about having a job, they see themselves in a more positive way. Working can give you:

  • Structure and routine

  • Increased mental health

  • Support for your recovery

  • Money to make choices about where to live and what to buy

Services you can use   
You can find employment specialists at each clinic in our network. They can:

  • Talk with you about what kind of work you would enjoy

  • Help you find a job that fits your interests and strengths

  • Coordinate with your behavioral health team

Benefits and working 
If you get a job, it may not mean you lose your benefits, like Social Security and Medicaid. How work affects your benefits depends on a few things. Many people are better off, money-wise, when they start working. An employment specialist can help you plan it all out. 

Ongoing support    
We all need support in our jobs. Employment specialists can provide that support. They’ll even be there after you find a job and start working. They can help you:

  • Get help with problems or questions that come up
  • Get support to succeed at work
  • Talk with your employer about growth
  • Manage your money
  • Manage your benefits

What is supported employment?  

Supported employment includes services that can help members find and keep work. Something you find meaningful. You can use these services along with behavioral health services, like:

  • Case management
  • Illness management
  • Recovery

You can call any of these providers to learn about employment services. Your clinical team will provide a referral or help connect you with these services. 


Beacon Group 
2222 North 24th Street 
Phoenix, AZ 85008 
602-685-9703, ext. 201

Focus Employment Services 
2345 E. Thomas Road, Ste., 412 
Phoenix, AZ 85016 

202 E. Earll Drive, Ste. 200 
Phoenix, AZ 85012 

Copa Health 
924 N. Country Club Drive 
Mesa, AZ 85201 
Information and referral line: 480-994-4407

Recovery Empowerment Network 
212 E. Osborn Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85012 

1142 W. Hatcher Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85021 

Wedco Employment And Training Center 
2929 E. Camelback Road, Ste. 210 
Phoenix, AZ 85016 

Need some job resources? Check our community resource guide for info about jobs and more. 

Flu viruses are always changing. And your protection from the shot decreases over time. Most adults and children over 6 months old should get a flu shot each year.

Just call your primary care provider (PCP). You may be able to get a flu shot with a nurse visit at your PCP office. Or you can find a network pharmacy that gives the flu shot. 

When you find a pharmacy, call first. Then you can make sure they can give flu shots to everyone in your family before you go. 

Learn more about the flu and how to protect yourself and your family.

Having a stable, healthy home means a lot for your physical and mental health. That’s why we offer permanent supportive housing (PSH) services. 

Who qualifies?

Members with a serious mental illness (SMI) designation (PDF) can get help with housing. Just ask your case manager for help. Based on your needs, they can connect you with one of these providers:

PSH services 

You can use supportive services if you:

  • Are living alone and at risk of losing your home

  • Need help to keep your housing

  • Need help finding a home

Some services include:

  • Help with daily activities

  • Skills training and development

  • Getting rides

  • Health education

  • Help resolving conflicts

  • Crisis response

  • Help with social skills

  • Help finding work

  • Help solving problems with your landlord

You can use the help you need. You don’t have to use these services to stay in your housing.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) Housing Program (AHP) housing subsidies 

Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation (ABC) works with HOM, Inc., as the housing administrator for the AHP in Arizona. Ask your case manager to see if you qualify. 

Q: What is the AHCCCS Housing Program (AHP)? 
The AHP is a statewide permanent supportive housing and housing support program for people who:

  • Have a mental condition

  • Are also homeless 

Q: How do I apply for housing with the AHP? 
You can apply through your behavioral health provider. They’ll send your application to ABC/HOM Inc.. 
Q: Who manages the AHP? 
AHCCCS has awarded a three-year contract to ABC/HOM Inc. to administer the AHP. The AHP contract period is October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2024. 
Q: Who can I ask about my housing, like questions about rent or maintenance?

You can ask:

  • ABC/HOM Inc. about your rent, lease or housing subsidy

  • Your behavioral health provider about housing services

  • Your landlord about maintenance of your unit

ABC/HOM Inc. and your behavioral health provider may be able to help with: 

  • Talking to your landlord

  • Maintenance requests

  • Understanding any notices from your landlord and resolving issues

Q: How do I apply for funds to stop an eviction or utility shut-off? 
You can apply for funds through your behavioral health provider. They’ll send your application to ABC/HOM Inc. 

Want more info? Read these AHCCCS Housing Programs FAQs (PDF). Or visit the Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation to learn more about AHCCCS Housing Programs (AHP).