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Language help

Language needs shouldn’t get in the way of your care. Whether you need interpretation, translation or easier-to-read materials, the help you need is here.



An interpreter will help you and your provider talk to each other in your language at no cost. Choose from over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL):

  • In person
  • Over the phone
  • By video

Let your provider know that you need language help. Tell them ahead of time so they can plan for your visit.

What kind of help can I get?

Scheduled service

Your provider can plan to have an interpreter for you. You can ask for one when you schedule your visit or later. For telehealth visits, you can ask for ASL help in advance.

On-demand service

Don’t have an interpreter for the day of your visit? Your provider can call our language line for help at any time. They can connect you to one by phone for in-person or telehealth visits. Or they can get you ASL help by video for in-person visits.

Can I choose my interpreter?

You can choose your language. You can also choose your interpreter’s gender. Then you'll get an interpreter based on your needs.

Do any providers speak my language?

You have access to health care providers who speak many languages. Visit our find a provider page and check “Providers who speak your language.”


Translators take written words in one language and write them in another. You can find materials in other languages:


Easier-to-read materials

  • Large print: If you have vision problems, you can get your member materials in large print or braille. 
  • Other formats: You can also get some info, like the member handbook, in other formats, like CDs. Just call us at ${MS_phone_1} or ${MS_phone_2} (TTY 711). We’re here for you ${MS_hours}.

Need more info?

Check the language help section of our community resource guide.


Call ${MS_phone_1} or ${MS_phone_2} (TTY 711). We’re here for you ${MS_hours}.